passaggio a dimora • bedding out

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Castello Gamba di Chatillon, Valle d’Aosta. 10 luglio – 31 ottobre 2015
A cura di Marco Maggi, con la collaborazione di Andrea Carlotto, Dzoyé e Fablab Aosta, M’ Roma

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Lungimiranza • Foresight:
In collaboration with Andrea Carlotto, Silent Meda Lab, multimedia artist.

interactive videoinstallation, with 4 helmets made with calf stabilized bladders, adjusting lens.
variable measure, in show 3 x 3m.

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Quartz crystal from Mont Blanc, tiny men made of parent rock of Mont Blanc, silicon water, thermic PVC, mixed materials, antislip aluminium.
40x60x45 cm.

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Installation for the visitors. Carpet originating in the mid 1800sfrom Samarkand made of stabilized and resined, sectioned and opened calf heart, cotton thread. easy arm chair with stabilized, resined heart, rubber bands, wool. Lampshade, decorated vases, tea pot all made in stabilized calf bladder, on marble coffee table.

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Tapestry. Long journey of food.
Mountain stabilized and copper layedred potatoes, woven through an ancient loom owned by the Cooperativa lo Dzeut (Champorche, Aosta Valley), hemp colth, cloth colors, optical lens, iron wire, rice, eggs, hemp threads, leek leaves. 250 x250 cm.

tender1 copia

Merry-go-round composed of 80 small boxes of proteinic jelly, iron stand, watercolor and ox gull, glacial silt of Aosta Valley, cane sugar, couscous, different seeds.   Impermanent installation.
200x 150 cm diameter

libro d g 8 copia

4 libels made of leek leaves, rice paper, coper foil, acrylics and fixatives.
Ft closed 10 x 25 cm., open 20 x 25  cm


Babydoll pyjamas: synthetic jersey, stabilized calf bladder.
Culottes: fish made of trout skin, nippers, cotton, stabilized calf bladder.
High heels slippers: crab claws, acrilics, stabilized calf bladder.

gioielli d natura 1

Ground Pact.
Dehydrated mountain potatoes, acrilic.
Family Jewels, digital prints.