Con.fine naturale • Natural border


Saint-Rhémy en Bosses Castle
Aosta Valley
2 july- 4 september 2011


Aerial Installation.
60 copper crates, mountain sprout potatoes, installed up to energy depletion.
changeable dimensions

comm 4 copia


Community. Solidarity picket fences.
Each subject a sculpted portrait, roots of the territory.
Dehydrated carots, grown at high altitude, copper wire.

sente sempre ra 1

Salad leaves, drying process.
Copper foil, acrilic, plaster.

bucce 5 copia

Stabilized veal muzzle, flowers in onion skin, copper, silicons.
30 x 35 x 28, 2010

spontaneo 2 copia

Nourishing hay, paper maché, wool.
30 x 35 x 28 cm.

mestolini ins 1 copia

8 beef hooves, wooden and steel handles, silver sheet, silicon.

attrezzi copia

3 chamois tongues. wooden and plastic handles, colander, silver sheet, silicons

boys 3

Digital images under plexiglass, 60 x40, 2010

comunity 7

Community strategies.
Natural fridge, storage food for bad seasons:
Digital prints under plexiglass, 60 x 40 cm.

soprasotto 2

Declination on canvas, acrilic, stabilized carrots, print on thermal paper, epoxy gripper