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Dosa l’Essenza

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Sapere di Natura.

Imprescindibile il sapere dell’uomo e
il suo sforzo per conoscere più a fondo possibile
la potenza della Natura.

Essential human knowledge and
his effort to learn more about possible
the power of Nature.

Una volta intercettata,
la creatività potrà esprimere le sue forze,
le sue elasticità, adatte a nuove visioni.
Sapere di Natura, Fare per Arte.

Once intercepted,
creativity can express his forces,
its elasticity, suitable for new visions.
Knowing Nature, Playing for Art.


Farmacia Dottor Nicola,
laboratorio erbe officinali.
Essenza stella alpina

Lab herbs.
Essence edelweiss

Nature Resolution

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total view

Walking long a day
beginning to sunrise, till moonlight

Glass bridge

pipes sito3


boxes 3

Bank seeds

boxes 1


libro del bene comune

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poter aprire 2

Biblioteca Angelica, Roma.
Opening 26 may 2016

Book of the Common Good,

Poter aprire per farsi permeare.
Poter chiudere per sentirsi più aperti.

Can open to be permeated.
Can close to feel more opened.

poter aprire 7

poter aprire 6

poter aprire 5

poter aprire 8

poter aprire 9

Glass, 10 etched pages,  real nest, cupper
ft. 21 x 30 cm.

opening in to the Angelica Library, pzza St.Agostino, roma

passaggio a dimora • bedding out

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© Stopdown Studio –

Castello Gamba di Chatillon, Valle d’Aosta. 10 luglio – 31 ottobre 2015
A cura di Marco Maggi, con la collaborazione di Andrea Carlotto, Dzoyé e Fablab Aosta, M’ Roma

© Stopdown Studio -

Lungimiranza • Foresight:
In collaboration with Andrea Carlotto, Silent Meda Lab, multimedia artist.

interactive videoinstallation, with 4 helmets made with calf stabilized bladders, adjusting lens.
variable measure, in show 3 x 3m.

© Stopdown Studio -

Quartz crystal from Mont Blanc, tiny men made of parent rock of Mont Blanc, silicon water, thermic PVC, mixed materials, antislip aluminium.
40x60x45 cm.

© Stopdown Studio -

Installation for the visitors. Carpet originating in the mid 1800sfrom Samarkand made of stabilized and resined, sectioned and opened calf heart, cotton thread. easy arm chair with stabilized, resined heart, rubber bands, wool. Lampshade, decorated vases, tea pot all made in stabilized calf bladder, on marble coffee table.

© Stopdown Studio -

Tapestry. Long journey of food.
Mountain stabilized and copper layedred potatoes, woven through an ancient loom owned by the Cooperativa lo Dzeut (Champorche, Aosta Valley), hemp colth, cloth colors, optical lens, iron wire, rice, eggs, hemp threads, leek leaves. 250 x250 cm.

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Merry-go-round composed of 80 small boxes of proteinic jelly, iron stand, watercolor and ox gull, glacial silt of Aosta Valley, cane sugar, couscous, different seeds.   Impermanent installation.
200x 150 cm diameter

libro d g 8 copia

4 libels made of leek leaves, rice paper, coper foil, acrylics and fixatives.
Ft closed 10 x 25 cm., open 20 x 25  cm


Babydoll pyjamas: synthetic jersey, stabilized calf bladder.
Culottes: fish made of trout skin, nippers, cotton, stabilized calf bladder.
High heels slippers: crab claws, acrilics, stabilized calf bladder.

gioielli d natura 1

Ground Pact.
Dehydrated mountain potatoes, acrilic.
Family Jewels, digital prints.

Holy Mistery

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Antique paper mache temple, white roses made in onion skin, silicon tears.

Holy Mistery, il sacro e il  mistero nell’arte contemporanea.
opening 18 april 2015.
Santo Volto Church, Torino

© Stopdown Studio -© Stopdown Studio -© Stopdown Studio -


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Collezione Esprit de Montagne.

SCIQ : nordic ski.
Esprit de Montagne Collection, 2014
Location: Place Moulin Dam, Valpelline, Aosta Valley

Con.fine naturale • Natural border

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Saint-Rhémy en Bosses Castle
Aosta Valley
2 july- 4 september 2011


Aerial Installation.
60 copper crates, mountain sprout potatoes, installed up to energy depletion.
changeable dimensions

comm 4 copia


Community. Solidarity picket fences.
Each subject a sculpted portrait, roots of the territory.
Dehydrated carots, grown at high altitude, copper wire.

sente sempre ra 1

Salad leaves, drying process.
Copper foil, acrilic, plaster.

bucce 5 copia

Stabilized veal muzzle, flowers in onion skin, copper, silicons.
30 x 35 x 28, 2010

spontaneo 2 copia

Nourishing hay, paper maché, wool.
30 x 35 x 28 cm.

mestolini ins 1 copia

8 beef hooves, wooden and steel handles, silver sheet, silicon.

attrezzi copia

3 chamois tongues. wooden and plastic handles, colander, silver sheet, silicons

boys 3

Digital images under plexiglass, 60 x40, 2010

comunity 7

Community strategies.
Natural fridge, storage food for bad seasons:
Digital prints under plexiglass, 60 x 40 cm.

soprasotto 2

Declination on canvas, acrilic, stabilized carrots, print on thermal paper, epoxy gripper

Trasparenze, arte per le energie rinnovabili • Trasparency

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cuori buoni 2

The best renewal energies: human being, the strenght of his intentions.
Strive to illuminate each heart around us.

Macro Future Museum, Roma
8 luglio 2010

cuori buoni1

cuori buoni 3


20 calf hearts, process of  dehydration.

ogni luce 1


Lightnig tests.
Optical fibers

Dynamic pilot mechanism.
Optical fibres, 20 dehydrated veal hearts,
changeable dimensions.

Mai più • never more

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gambe 1

Campagna “Mai più”, Giornata internazionale contro la Violenza alle Donne.
Asl Valle d’aosta, 2007

Pierino e il lupo • Peter and wolf

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Pierino e il lupo di Prockovief,Teatro la Fenice di Venezia,
Teatro Malibran, marzo 2006. Coreografie Sonia Biacchi

uccellino azz 1

Blue chick, white chick, cat.


gatto 1 copia